The Theory is BIGGER than the GAME™

About Us

What We Do . . .

EL’S Big Game Theory, provides on-site BIG GAME events to Pre-Kindergarten Programs, Geriatric Communities; their Families, and Adult's looking for an unconventional Game Night.

Our focus is Organizations and Consumers; young and old, looking for fun activities that  foster family and togetherness! 

Who We Serve . . .

EL’S Big Game Theory will host BIG GAME themed events for all ages and groups of all sizes.

Our infinity, however,  is providing fun activities that promote mental and physical stimulation for Children, especially those experiencing developmental delays; and Adults experiencing mental and physical regression.

Our Solution . . .

EL’S Big Game Theory incorporates games that are jumbo-sized and light weight. The games are designed with just enough moving parts to engage younger children and older adults.

These games make it easier for Children and Geriatrics to control game pieces. Smaller games and pieces can be difficult for those within a specific developmental age or for those experiencing mental and/or physical regression.  

Over-sized games provide limitless amounts of fun for our delicate customer-base, their families; and Adults who enjoy BIG GAME play.  

Social Awareness . . .

EL’S Big Game Theory supports Organizations dedicated to Suicide Prevention Awareness, Alzheimer's Awareness, Multiple Sclerosis, and Civil Rights.